Qualities of Successful Markets

As a small business, take part in markets and the Brighton Open Market  one that go to regularly as a temporary trader, are having a think about how to make it work better.

Wonder if as a trader – our hopes are not matched to the experience people are looking for in a market?

Found an article written by David O’Neil, author

“People love markets for so many reasons, yet in all our surveys asking people why they use markets, the one that always shows up on top is the experience: seeing other people, opportunities for impromptu conversations, the unexpected sensory delights. This is what draws people back, again and again, to their favorite markets”  more

Report – the Final Future of Places Meeting in Stockholm 

“Public spaces provide the stage and opportunity for fundamental human necessities such as social interaction and exchange, creativity and delight, and the transfer of skills and knowledge” more

Would be very interested to know what people are searching for in a market and what they really dont want to find. At the market, sometimes next to someone selling freshly made sausage rolls and they seem to do very well, books for a pound, cheese, eggs, fruit and vegetables, ice cream, flowers…


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