Glamping, Peak District, Mulino Pods and little black cat

Had interesting journey up to the Peak District – went up M40/M6 around Birmingham and back down from Nottingham on the M1. Something ‘cool’ about driving down the M1 to London and sitting in service stations that spanned the whole motorway and watching cars speed underneath – that is until missed the turn off to the M25 and ended up in 5 o’clock rush hour in North London. But went round and round roundabouts until figured out where to go and eventually picked up the M25 near Heathrow. Should have reallised when saw most of the cars leave the motorway on the last slip road. There was just a few moments, from there until popped into London when the road was amazingly empty.

Only saw a little of the Peak District because arrived late and went early – but it was lovely and hope to find a reason to go back. To save money, i was Glamping and stayed in a pod in a field with a beautiful view of the Derbyshire dales and a lake. The funny thing, althou arrived very late as it was getting dark and locked myself in to the little wooden cedar pod, there was a scratching on the door and then on the roof, frantically most of the night. It did scare me – but it was a little black cartoon cat and then one of its tabby friends, desperate to come inside. I was little spooked and didnt let them in, until the morning, but little cat was very sweet and followed me everywhere.

As i was leaving, worried about turning the car and the cat being too close, handed her over a fence to the farmer with his dogs without thinking and the little cat was back thru the fence like a rocket and down the hillside with dog in persuit and feel rather bad about this. With the farmer we got hold of the dog but saw the cat a long distance away, still going. Hope it made its way home.


Mulinopod -

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