Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton Sussex

Want to Buy Shares in Rose Hill Tavern


The Rose Hill has been a pub since the 1870’s but it was bought by developers who wanted to turn it into luxury flats. “We have until October 2nd to raise the money to buy the pub. Community Asset status only provides protection from development for a year before another planning application can be made. The only way to guarantee the pub won’t be bought by developers is to buy it ourselves…”

Want to buy Shares  or help with your skills

5 thoughts on “Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton Sussex

    1. Thank you, this isn’t local pub to me but for people in the market stand next to, and they have big plans for it but little time left to save it. They are offering shares upwards of £20s. One of the people standing in the market a few weeks ago, who looked like Christopher Biggins is hoping they will get a microbrewery going. Just wanted to help them.

      1. Forgot to put quotes.. hope so too – it could be a victim of unthought thru or opportunist regeneration in this area – but the locals seem a determined bunch

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