Way home from Richmond Park

Fallow Deer - m.joy



Fallow Deers in long grass - m.joy



Fallow Deer in Richmond Park - m.joy


Petersham meadows, the Thames, Richmond - m.joy



Twickenham Rugby Ground - m.joy


One of the places in London love to drive to and easy access to Richmond from junction 12 of M25 along the M3, althou you need to bring a picnic if you drive on the M25. On the way there you pass Twickenham Rugby ground and the Kempton Great Engines Trust.

Photos above are taken in the sunshine and the grass in Richmond park is dry and parched almost like a savannah. There seem to be fewer deer, sadly believe they are culled in the summer and something is biting them as they are very itchy.  You can rent a bike in the park but the deer have large antlers now and close to the road.

Favorite places – Pembroke Lodge for something to eat, sitting outside on a terrace overlooking the Thames and with an increduble view and just outside the main gate into the park, Petersham meadows, rolling down to the Thames, not far from the ‘Star and Garter’ home of the Chelsea Pensioners.


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