this is more a note to myself, so i wont forget

Have been unable to avoid all the discussion about working mums and maybe little interested being one myself but not because i wanted to, but because needed to support my son from a few weeks old. My work, interestingly a Swedish company in the UK told me i had to quit my job because i was going to have a baby but i could rejoin after half a year but losing everything paid in and the dad, he left within a few weeks of the arrival. One of my memorys of this time was i couldnt make myself go food shopping at the weekends because the supermarkets were filled with, i thought – happy familys.

I did go back to work but part time. This meant fell into a poverty trap where earnt just enough so wasnt eligible for benefits. But i was proud not to be on benefits – this is how we were brought up and it was a pain to fill in longwinded forms everytime a small change in anything. Thinking back, i am not comfortable with my decision, but didnt feel i had a choice and by myself – couldnt change the system.

So i asked my son last night what he thought about mums going to work and he said and this makes me want to cry. “Not a good idea, you needed me

I know its tough – you’ve worked hard to get an education and do well at your job – but this is only one small part of you and for mums, dad and new baby – its such a short time, why knock yourself out to pay someone else to enjoy this moment. If you have a choice – do you really need to work. Can you have an important break?

Think its also an investment in the emotional stability of your child and family.

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