First wondered if my cat thought he was Elvis…

big cat by here kitty kitty catster


Not because he stands infront of the mirror in a white leather suite – sorry suit – with tassles but he likes to eat. Everything – potatoes are his favorite but he also likes chips. Apart from the ‘W’ word and dont mean earthworm jim – he could be bored and lonely, even depressed … more

Fluffy just gave me a soulful look and would like to add, this is not a picture of Fluffy above … at the moment.

He is also a patriotic cat and Congratulates HRH the Queen today and sends his best purrs.

Fluffy’s… Favorite indoor occupation: unravelling loo rolls, sitting in boxes
Favorite indoor location: head inside blue fleece roll, rest doesnt fit
Favorite outdoor occupation: climbing trees and vole hunting
Least favorite place: inside cars (industrial cat pants would be interesting idea)



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