Probably musings about Kartoffelpuffer would only make sense to someone connected to Germany but have wondered for a long time why growng up we knew them as Puffers and why they are better known now as Reibekuchen

Reibekuchen, Puffers, Puffercakes, Kartoffelpuffer or the many different names in different part of Germany, are wonderful food to eat outside in a Christmas market with apple sauce. Would almost drive to Germany in winter just to eat these – forget the Christmas market. Sit under the stall until it was time to go home, eating kartoffelpuffer

Being outside eating them from a stall, nothing else compares.

My parents today were in Ikea and hoped the Rostis they found were the same thing as Kartoffelpuffer and were very disappointed. Rostis or Rostigrab are without the onion, egg and flour … and the apple sauce on the side

Discovered on GfdS “according to Friedrich Kluge’s dictionery, Puffers are called this because when these potato cakes rise during baking, they ‘puff’ due to cooking in the hot fat on both sides – that is they make a “puffing” sound from the potato dough while baking and becoming crispy brown baked patties from the dough of grated raw potatoes”



Grossmutters Reibekuche Recipe


12 big floury potatoes
3 onions (well chopped)
8 tablespoons of flour
2 eggs
salt and pepper


  • Grate potatoes on large grater and remove most of the liquid, this can be done by placing in a colander and pressing with a spoon (otherwise the puffers wont be crispy)
  • Season with salt and a lot of pepper
  • Add eggs and well chopped onions
  • Dust the potato mixture with flour (which may be more or less than 8 tablespoons)
  • Mix everything together
  • Place a big dollop of mixture into warm oil in a hot pan – press flat
  • Wait for about 4 minutes until edges are turning brown, Flip and cook for another 2 minutes
  • Drain on absorbent paper
  • Serve with apple sauce – think this is what makes it so tasty


This makes about 14 puffers which can be kept in warm oven while you are making the rest


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