Martin Luther King

Came across interesting speech written by Martin Luther King long time ago, about 1957, talking about reasons why we need to love our enemies. Have been thinking about this and what happened about 10 years later in his life and wonder if he was here today what he would make of the World we live in now. Perhaps he would be pleased about some things and sad about others. But what would he advise?

Thinking also about difficult situations in my own life where found it impossible to put his thoughts into practise and the best i could do was not to engage and let a fire burn itself out…. Remember a story about a buddhist monk who was asked what he would do to get past a raging animal blocking a street and his answer was to go round it because it makes no sense risking your life or spending energy to confront it.

Martin Luther King wrote “this command (to love your enemies) is an absolute necessity for the survival of our civilization”

17 November 1957 “Loving Your Enemies,” Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

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