Thirsty Concrete, Surface water and Spray

Surface Water - Mail Online

Wondering as struggling along the M25 in heavy rain what could be done to cut down the spray from surface water.  Approaching lorries, so much spray, they become almost invisible. Maybe we need more runoff ditches besides roads or control of speed and volume of the traffic in heavy rain.

Even wondered if lorrys/vans/cars could be equipped with tyres which had some role in reducing spray or could the chemistry of road surface in rain adapt and absorb more water.

There is a new types of thirsty concreteTopmix Permeable which can absorb 880 gallons of water in 60 seconds being produced to absorb more water and variations of this must have uses in areas where there is flooding or perhaps the reverse in countrys where there is a lack of water.

Organisations like USGS Water Science School are involved in research

3 thoughts on “Thirsty Concrete, Surface water and Spray

    1. Always feel little scared overtaking lorries even without rain – even worse in Europe – every second vehicle is large lorry but yesterday noticed in sheeting rain they almost became invisible

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