Cypress tree - m.joy


Tree rings - m.joy


This weekend we finally had to battle with a tree we have loved and watched dancing and blowing in the winds. Its three trunks had reached almost 15 metres and had been planted 5-6 metres from the house. A plant man identified it as the same family as Californian Redwood and looking at the foliage – think it is a Japanese Red Cedar or Sugi.  Probably planted by the first person who lived here, a while ago who have been told worked at Kew or Wakehurst and brought his work home with him. Our cats have hidden under the lower branches until we got home. Each storm we have wondered.

Reading today – Sugi is the National tree of Japan and planted around temples.

Two of the trunks sawed half way up, fell as planned into our garden but the third fell the wrong way and caught in the top of another tree still attached to the top of the rest of the trunk at a sharp angle.  Only with help and several ropes and pulling furiously – this part of the tree fell to the ground just missing our home. Very frightening. It was very eery last night to look for the silhouette of the tree and it was no longer there and this morning – the wood and branches were covered by snow

A tale from Japan – Spirit of trees

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