Have always wondered where my high cheekbones come from. Finally one small piece of information appeared gave me a solid explanation. My aunt, the oldest and who had emmigrated, had on a certificate her place of birth – different from what we had all thought.

Also been trying to discover more about another relative whose incredible journey led him from the Ukraine mainly westwards.  Finally thru war injury he arrived on a red cross ship near Lenningrad, told the last ship that escaped but then captured by Allies and taken to a POW Camp near Grenoble in France where he stayed until the 50s digging trenches for water pipes thru the Alps. Dynamiting too. They ate grass because they were starving and buried their friends. Never liked history but it is amazing to know what your relatives went thru and suggest talk to your mum, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents – if you have them. What they remember is all about what made you.

It has shocked me – how POWs were treated despite the Geneva Convention by all sides but also encouraging how people survive the most terrible things.

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