Grey Whale and Reclaimed Propellor Desk Light

Grey Whale -

Grey Whale -

Grey Whale -

Grey Whale -

Reclaimed Propellor Desk Light -

Reclaimed Propellor Desk Lamp -

Reclaimed Propellor Desk Lamp -

The Propellor Desk Lamp is about 30 x 40 cms and solid.

Money from the sale of Humph will be donated to a new CIC called ‘World Cetacean Alliance’ who would like to raise awareness of impact of Ghost Netting in the Seas and who will have an exhibition included in the Telegraph Outdoor Show from 11-14th February of works of art made from pieces of Ghost netting and donated by the artists which will be auctioned on 11th February on Ebay to raise funds for them.

Humph will also be up for Sale on Ebay on same day

Humphrey is named after a real Humpback written about in ‘Humphrey the Lost Whale’ also because Whales love to be free


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