Candlemas day – Midwinter

Tomorrow February 2nd is Candlemas day, the middle of winter, where winter gives way to Spring. It has also more significant meaning but there is German proverb

The badger peeps out of his hole on Candlemas Day and if he finds snow, walks abroad; but if he sees the sun shining he draws back into his hole.

Also true about groundhogs and woodchucks.

People believe that Candlemas Day predicted the weather for the rest of the winter. Weather proverbs suggest a fine bright sunny Candlemas day means more winter to come, whereas a cloudy wet stormy Candlemas day means that the worst of winter is over

.. and round here tomorrow meant to be sunny intervals – so somewhere inbetween.


Badger looking out his hole

More Stories From An African Wildlife Sanctuary, by Bookey Peek, published by Max Press

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