Books or E-Readers

For me – its books every time, but maybe if an E-Reader (or Ipad) is what you grow up with – then maybe a book is a strange thing.

Does it mean in classrooms and colleges – students have E-Readers instead of textbooks?
When you sit on a train or bus do you ‘loose yourself’ in an E-Reader and not a book?

And in the bath – a book or an E-Reader? Funny thought, a wet book or a soggy Gadget!

But if oneday you travelled somewhere far away – a journey across Siberia or Mongolia or visited the Arctic – you would probably always know without a doubt that you could continue what you were reading with a book but would this be true if you were reliant on Wifi in some remote place. And Solar flares, what might they do to your Gadgets.

Its also about turning a page and the smell of a new book and who gave the book to you and maybe left a message in the cover. And sometimes just to know a favorite book is somewhere nearby, to revisit.

Does it also mean someone somewhere is busy scanning all the books from hundreds of years ago – or will these disappear.

And picture and pop up books for children – will they disappear too

Know there are convincing reasons for E-Readers, not least you can access many electronic books from Library Databases in other countrys but wonder –  if you were to write a story that was only experienced thru a gadget – like these blogs – does it change the way you write? Does it become more throwaway and wonder too what happens to First Editions?

Feel a little sad that the Independant Newspaper in less than a month will only be available from a Gadget

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