Lidl in the News and Indian Clothing Workers

The low prices at shops like Lidl worry me. Have an uneasy feeling, something is being compromised but the fact its a German company and some of the products still have a German origin is great. Sadly they dont seem to sell Vitamaltz but sometimes have dark Cherry juice.

Today Lidl is in the news because of selling incredibly cheap Jeans sourced from Bangledesh. How this is possible – the minimum wage in Bangledesh – is only 23p/hour.

Perhaps – the whistle blower on Lidl is a Competitor and their reasons are dubious – but someone – should look into and bring this and other companies doing similar, under stricter guidelines to prevent Exploitation.

But am wondering also why this is in the news now – Lidl products have always been cheaper – is it for some political reason – somehow to do with EU Referendum?

Regardless – do we have any Policies/Guidelines about importing the products of almost Slave Labour?

But doing nothing feels like a cop out. Probably the issues are complicated and weighed down by repercussions of involving yourself in another country’s  politics and some money is better than none?

Could Lidl’s UK MD – Ronny Gottschlich – guarantee to pay – double – the minimum wage in Bangledesh, at least and invest back in this country. Then these jeans would be worth buying!

Read more …’Its not Magic – Its Exploitation’

Indian Clothing Workers

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