Battle of Jutland

One of my dad’s relatives was on the Queen Mary which was hit today, May 31st in 1916 at 16.25 and exploded. 1,266 crewmen were lost and eighteen survivors were picked up. My dad’s relative was a cook on the Queen Mary and was 25. Found this out by accident, looking for my dad’s ancestors.

A 36 hour battle, involving 250 ships. About 8551 people died in 36 hours and 1181 were wounded

Now both sides commemorate it – war is senseless.

The Queen Mary was a Battlecruiser and the biggest ship sunk in the battle.

2 thoughts on “Battle of Jutland

  1. My great uncle was on board HMS Orion – at the forward transmitting station – during the battle. He was below decks and never saw a thing. The loss of the battlecruisers in those titanic explosions underscores a point – this battle was as lethal and dangerous as any on the Western Front, despite standing in its shadow as far as popular history is concerned. And the human stories were just as deep, just as important, and the losses just as devastating for the families involved.

    1. It is shocking when you look for your ancestors and see how many of them died so horribly at this time – my dad said in his family they didnt talk so much infront of him, mainly because he talked a lot than they were sparing him. We only found out when i looked for his family online. This is what makes me most sad – that all the amzing things these people did and even just the wonder of the everyday – gets lost or comes down to a few lines – when they lived and when they died

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