Few hours later and things moving very fast

We have lost our Prime Minister and probably the Leader of the Opposition and Scotland and Northern Ireland are hoping to leave us next. Who runs a country where the Prime Minister has resigned and after a Referendum result like this? The Queen, the Bank of England or worse the Army.

The thing is – if Sweden, Denmark and other countrys also hold Referendums – what happens to the EU? Perhaps we can go back and fight all the battles we fought in the last couple of hundred years all over again and while we are busy doing this – we leave ourselves wide open to bigger problems.

It is a little worrying who will be the major players in the UK, Europe and America in the next few years and why this is happening. Perhaps we are all reacting in a knee jerk way and not using our brains

Maybe if there is a volcanic cloud from activity in Iceland soon, someone can hitch up the UK (when noone is looking) and toe it off to the Mediterannean or Scandinavia.

It seems all predictions are coming true and maybe by the end of next week, we might become a small Dukedom like Monaco and go back to how we were in the Middle Ages. Maybe we will ban cars next and we need to think about getting a horse and carriage – the possabilitys what we might do next are becoming stranger and stranger. For some reason cant help thinking of Lord of the Flys

Also cant help smiling about the Mexican reaction up in Scotland, you have got to admire the coach loads who have driven up there to welcome a certain person. The UK may be falling apart but we still have time to express how we feel or maybe we should do as someone suggested on Twitter – go down to the Pub and wait there until it all blows over.

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