Call for Second Referendum on EU

As the Vote Leave – Brexit Party – have now admitted, ‘some’ of their claims to get people to vote to leave EU were not thought through.

For example instead of £350 m a week extra to spend on the NHS, Nigel Farage has said this morning on TV – only a “£10 billion a year featherbed, that will be free money that we can spend on the NHS, on schools, on ‘whatever it is’….That was one of the mistakes that the Leave campaign made”

Also it seems they no longer want to put in place Article 50 straitaway to leave the EU as they now want to reflect for a while. Perhaps – now, is a little late to want to think about it.

Huge inconsistencies and frightening admissions. How can you ask the Country to vote leave EU, risk triggering a General Election, having possibly both Partys have to elect new leaders – making us effectively leaderless and splitting up the Country and have no real Plans or Strategies?

Please, could we have a Second Referendum – if not now, in a year or even six month time. Perhaps until then, we should stay in EU, Article 50 – not being invoked and the Vote Leave Party really think about – what they are doing and proposing and put something with substance inplace – not a lot of empty promises.

Or perhaps – the EU referendum result is invalid and should be redone, at once.

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