Governments response to Second EU Referendum

Please read here:

Underneath Government Response, the header –

The Petitions Commitee defers decision on this Petition:

“The Committee has decided to defer its decision on this petition until the Government Digital Service has done all it can to verify the signatures on the petition. We have already had to remove 77,000 fraudulent signatures. The Committee wishes to make clear that, although it may choose to schedule a debate on this petition in due course, it only has the power to schedule debates in Westminster Hall – the second debating chamber of the House of Commons. Debates in Westminster Hall do not have the power to change the law, and could not trigger a second referendum.

The Petitions Committee will look at the petition again at its next meeting, on Tuesday 12 July”


My own opinion – the faked signatures, from the Vatican for example – were so obviously fake and put in place as the Petition really flew – that seems quite possible that they were to discredit the Petition.

The idea is now being put forward that a newly elected leader by Conservative Politicians in a very divided Party can – successfully – become our next Prime Minister when they are not elected by the Country – can be justified because of similar previous situation with Gordan Brown. History may agree to differ. Perhaps this was a defining moment – that the Country moved away from Labour as the Leader of the Party didnt get the support he needed from within his own Party – to run the Country.

Also the other argument that its ok to replace the resigned Leader of the Party with someone else put forward by Politicians only – is acceptable – because the Country vote on the Manifesto only – is also debatable. I believe we vote on the Leader because of his/her Convictions and perhaps how humane – responsible – even truthfull the Leader comes across as togethor with the Manifesto but not the Manifesto alone. The Leader is the figurehead and we believe makes the Ultimate decisions & negotiations.

And the Manifesto is so obviously going to need to Change – to deal with all the Fallout. The next Prime Minister needs to be voted in by the whole Country. The Country rightly or wrongly was consulted about such a major decision and now we need to be consulted about who we feel will be the best person to be Prime Minister and Party to support them to deal with what has happened.

My other thoughts, alternatively – someone please put forward another Petition  – that some of the key information fed to the Public to get them to Vote Leave – was – minimum – not thought through or worse – deliberately not true and this should Invalidate the EU Referendum Result.

Perhaps it should in a legal context, be debated –  if there should be Consequences to Claims in a Political arena to achieve a result based on information known to be untrue and this should effect both the Politician(s) and Political Party – that they are affiliated to.

Isn’t this what the Chilcot Report is all about?

Does English Law allow inappropriate & untrue slogans on the side of buses – because it is Politics?

For most of us – if we do something wrong – there are always consequences – sooner or later.

These are only my opinions and im a small nobody – a little upset to spell properly.

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