Science and Art

Discovered Open Call for ‘Hooked‘ – the first installation exhibition for a new Gallery in London connected to Guys Hospital – under umbrella of London Science Gallery – described as – a space where ‘science and art collide’ and bringing togethor researchers, students, communitys and artists – to look for innovate ways to look for fresh answers. The target audience is 15-25 year olds.

Hooked is a project to use Art to express answers to questions about Addiction around themes.

  • The addiction cycle – craving, harm, recovery, relapse
  • The addicted brain – adolescent brains and brain plasticity
  • The addiction experience – life as an addict, friends or family
  • Stigma – associated with being an addict, wider society
  • Individual and social ‘recovery’ – how do we recover from addiction?
  • Geography – what would an addiction map of London, the UK or the global picture look like? Does place influence addiction?
  • Policy – throughout history, evidence has often been made to fit policy, rather than the other way around. How do we build a society where people can form healthier bonds?
  • Causes of addiction –What makes people vulnerable to addiction?

There are no easy answers – but some information here: Overcoming drug addiction.

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