35 things that baffle visitors most about England

Some of these make me laugh too and some like number 3 we just dont talk about somethings, it doesnt mean we dont believe.

Doesnt everyone eat beans on toast?

And the list seems to miss out a few of the big ones – we are fairly good at laughing at ourselves (we like to get in first) althou everybody thinks we love to queue – this is probably left over from being taken out in crocodiles on primary school exursions and until recently we were known to be very good losers – Rio Olympics has raised our hopes.

And our Language – filled with lots of pitfalls and double meanings, when you say something look around before you continue at the faces of English people around you..

And if someone upsets us, we may not say a lot but look at our lower lip trembling.

We found by accident a very nice number 22 on the list yesterday – we were looking for a way to escape complete north bound motorway closure on the M23 at Gatwick and took a left somewhere just after the airport and drove for almost an hour on a road thru fields and woods we’d never seen before without any real signposts until we popped out near Pease Pottage. We thought it was magical but got home a bit late.

Here is another list of a few things we are proud of about our Country and althou we dont have Arnold Schwazernigger, Superman or Spiderman we do have Mr Bean, Basil Fawlty and.. James Bond.

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