Found an interesting website trying to work out difference between a sultana, currant and a raisin to decide which one to put in a chutney

We have a lot of tomatos and tried to make tomato & apple chutney.. but it didnt go very well,  heart wasnt in it – kept tasting as it simmered, trying to adjust with more everything – even added chopped peaches then panicked and added more water, so many hours later, its finally consistency of a chutney and have a row of jam jars but the taste is a little scary. Something about the balance of vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper and curry powder seems to have given it a firey kick but adding more water only intensified the flavour as needed to simmer down for longer.

But the recipe above might be better way to keep some of the lovely tomatoes

There is a section on this website about organising and cleaning.
Tried to see who created the site, but never seemed to reach the bottom of the page, so many recipes.

2 thoughts on “Tomato’s

    1. The funny thing, my family loved it, im just not used to the taste of Curry Powder in food i make. Just like the idea of Apples and Tomatoes in the Chutney recipe. Thank you very much for reading my post and understanding my predicament and for the recipe, will definitly check it out – really appreciate this.

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