Pandora’s Box or should that be Opening a Can of Worms

Just thinking about the imminent US Election and before people in the US cast their vote for their own equivalent of our UK Brexit – can’t help noticing – over here in the UK – it has resulted in a Pandora’s box of Misery or Opened a Can of Worms as the Fallout still settles and one of the many worst parts – the vote was based on untruths – which were fed to the General Public by unscrupulous people (for their own agenda) who didn’t seem to have thought things through.

Wonder – when the Election is over – the whole Electoral System should change – and in the UK as well – so the Election is about Policies of a Party – and how good these Policys will be to face all the Challanges – that they will face – and not about an Individual. Not sure how it works in the US – but it feels it is more about the opinions of an Individual than the Party they represent.

Feel a Leader needs to be a calm & caring individual – basically a good person – and they need to have clear Policies on key issues. Perhaps its good they have a background in Politics and or Law and some evidence that they believe in Diplomacy

Is it ever ok to be mean to another person (publically) – to the degree we are seeing – and would anyone want that person to be a President of a whole Country?


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