Its been a funny few days…

Beginning with our car overheating on the motorway because some small thermostat in the engine failed and knocked out the fan – so the dashboard went bright red with warning lights saying the engine was failing and the garage where we were recovered to – changed their mind and decided not to fix it – so our car had to be picked up again and recovered to a second garage

and today a pack of small grumpy dogs dressed in red pyjamas (and a red pom pom hat)  ran towards me and their owners told me that they have noticed they always like to bark at me …and im almost convinced i have never seen them before.

Perhaps because of the car problem i couldnt stop myself and muttered – how can you take anything seriously thats nine inches tall and dressed in red pyjamas (and belongs on a Christmas tree) … ooops, did i say this out loud.

I wish i was able to say the other things that were a little funny but guess my lips should be sealed

But one more strange thing – my little black cat, likes to sit on a scanner near to me and suddenly i can hear a whirring sound as he turns it on and i wonder what he is going to take a picture of

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