Band of brothers

Band of brothers -


Suffolk Sheep -


Yesteday morning hadnt looked out of the window until our neighbour knocking on the door to ask me if i had seen what was in our garden – a small flock of nine Suffolk sheep, contentedly grazing on everything. It looked very peaceful. Wish they were mine.

Spent most of the day being a temporary shepherdess and trying to find who they belonged to and eventually by evening they were reunited.



3 thoughts on “Band of brothers

    1. They were so cute, there were two brown faced ones, who were especially sweet but the whole flock was a little naughty – everytime went back to our house to make some phonecalls to find their owner, turned round and they were all following me and i was trying to keep them in one place because not far away they could get onto the road and they nibbled everything.

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