National Health Service, Obama Care – call it what you want

We have had an NHS system in the UK for quite a while. It isnt great – it is underresourced and underfundedbut it exists and for people with a low income or none – it means we can walk into A and E and get help and know we dont have the extra stress of worrying how we will pay for healthcare in a crisis. We all grumble about the service but i think we all appreciate it exists. Its a level playing field.

Private healthcare also exists for those who can afford it – another option. But the NHS is a Safety Net – for those who cant.

In Scandinavian countrys, their Social and Healthcare System – is like a Rolls Royce and sets the standard but obviously to achieve this in a country with a relatively low population  – they pay high taxes – but their standard of Social Services and Health Care – is something probably we would all like to have access to. Education to University level is also free there and both men and women get significant time off to share being with their new child – and this is true for each child that arrives. At the other end of people’s lives they are comfortable.

I am worried how Brexit will effect reciprocal health care in Europe – assuming Brexit goes ahead. I guess this could be a real problem when you travel abroad.

But im curious – why wouldnt a country like America also aspire to a social care system somewhere between the UK and Scandinavian countrys?

There are  so many reasons to do this – not everyone has or will always have a well paid job or any job and most people will encounter problems when they or someone in their family – loses their job and may encounter physical and mental health issues or has a baby or an accident. People get old, have less money and their health is not so good.

We all grumble about paying taxes but if handled well and transparently – the benefits must mean a happier, healthier country where people help each other.

Also curious what happens in China, Japan, South America and African countrys.

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