Brown Brogue Leather Shoes

My dad was John Wayne to me
Looking up, he was quarter of an inch short of six foot.
Something he was very proud of.

He took us to school
Cried at my wedding
and fell out of a plum tree
when my son was born.

Working with farmers
he wore green wool worsted trousers and
brown brogue leather shoes
(mum tried to keep him looking smart)

and driving away to work
our dog, Fluffy used to hang out of the car window
and scamper round the car.

At home, his gardening clothes
and woolly hat had seen much better days

So time has passed
my son has grown
and today find a box with holes
and look inside
and see
a pair of brown brogue leather shoes

big shoes to fill.
and try not to
but cry a little.

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