Travel Safe

Last night thinking about the few times when didnt feel safe with people i was travelling with. On one occasion found myself alone at a motorway junction without money and didnt want to worry my parents about the predicament i was in or perhaps was worried they would tell me off and already had enough to cope with

I had seen my dad hitch a ride from a passing car when he had run out of petrol.

so decided to hitch back to where i was calling home, somewhere close to where i was at college in the west country, at least a hundred miles away

First ride was with a small lorry carrying lawn mowers who took me a long way but still quite a long way to go – so hitched another ride and this time it was different, the driver didnt say much and then pulled over and then i was really frightened.

He told me he had a daughter aboout my age and how he worried about her if she did the same thing alone. Once said – he carried on and took me almost to my door.

One of those defining moments which meant almost never hitched alone again and began saving to learn to drive

But problems can still happen when there are two of you, even if you are a man.

One conversation had at the time with a student from America stunned and worried me – she felt carrying a knife was protection but a lot of us discussed that someone with more strength could use this against you

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