Sale – 25% Discount in June at

Avoca Socks - made in Italy


Frangipan Floating Flower Candles  Frangipan Floating Flower Candles - Pink


During June – we have a Summer Sale of our beautiful Avoca Ankle Socks – made in Italy.

Some of these Socks are no longer available from Avoca. Most of our Ankle Socks are Cotton with a little Elastin – so little stretchy and one size. These Socks are made in Italy for Avoca and have a classic Italian style.

They are very sweet and look lovely on your feet.

We also have some woollen Walking Socks from Avoca both Ankle and Knee length.

Our Floating Flower Candles are from Thailand and look lovely at a Summer Wedding reception or Pool Party and we are offering 10 for 8 with a 25% Discount on our regular price thru June.  The price is for 10 Floating Flower Candles – different colors and styles.

Please visit –

We are a UK based online small family business

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