Chichester Harbour, Woolly Mammoths, Doggerland and Atlantis

Chichester Harbour

Dell Quay down river and ebb tide -

Dell Quay up river and ebb tide -

The land south of Chichester is very flat and remains of a woolly mammoth were found just out to sea at Selsey

The area joinng us to Europe beneath the southern north sea called – Doggerland and one of the 31 areas mentioned in the shipping weather forecast. The name may be Anglo French (Language of Sailing by Richard Mayne) from 16th century.

Doggerland - National GeographicMap by William E. McNulty and Jerome N. Cookson, National Geographic Magazine

‘At the end of the last Ice Age, Britain formed the northwest corner of an icy continent. Warming climates exposed a vaste continental shelf for humans to inhabit. Further warming and rising seas gradually flooded low lying lands. Some 8,200 years ago a catastrophic release of water from a North American glacial lake and a tsunami from a submarine landslide off Norway inundated whatever remained of Doggerland’ more

Some people even wonder if this is where the myth of Atlantis came from more

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