Major cause of dementia discovered

Just by chance saw this newspaper headline yesterday –

An international team of scientists have confirmed the discovery of a major cause of dementia, with important implications for possible treatment and diagnosis”. more

Professor Garth Cooper from The University of Manchester, who leads the Manchester team, says the build-up of urea in the brain to toxic levels can cause brain damage – and eventually dementia.”

Urea and ammonia are released as a breakdown product from protein consumption. If urea and ammonia build up in the body because the kidneys are unable to eliminate them, for example, serious symptoms can result. Liver function could also play a part.

Good kidney and liver function are very important to removal of urea and ammonia because ammonia is a central nervous system toxin.

“Disposal of waste products accumulated during metabolic processes is integral to the health of any living organism. Disposal of excess nitrogen and ammonia is no exception” Donna S Dimski

There are many things we can do to try and improve our liver function – including loosing weight, saunas, more fiber and drink plenty

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