Familiar smile

The last market i went to, towards the end an old gentleman came into the room and as he passed by he smiled – somehow a familiar smile. He walked round the room and came back to my table and something about his thin face and bright slightly hooded eyes seemed familiar- tall like my […]

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Dardanelles – Hellespoint

Tried to help my dad to find his connection to a John Cobby – one of the Hawkhurst gang. Farmers by day, smugglers by night. Although most of southern England probably involved and benefitted by smuggling, even the vicars – this gang went further and murdered a customs office in a very gruesome way. Although […]

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Travel Safe

Last night thinking about the few times when didnt feel safe with people i was travelling with. On one occasion found myself alone at a motorway junction without money and didnt want to worry my parents about the predicament i was in or perhaps was worried they would tell me off and already had enough […]

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Quote by Raphael’s Grandma.. ‘What you mean you can’t?’ ‘Just find a way’

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