We drove down to Del Quay yesterday, through leafy lanes and over the beautiful rolling Downs – im not sure if the sky was blue but felt it was. It was very busy at Del Quay so we drove on down to Selsey – a long time family stamping ground and walked besides the sea […]

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Just passing by

Longer days and more outside, funny how thou we’ve had a mild wet winter, outside looks likes its waking up from deep sleep. Trying to grow more bedding plants and herbs than usual because hoping might be able to sell them at markets. So we’ve borrowed some metal hoops and buying some plastic to make […]

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Sand Castles and Cherrys

Unexpected lovely weekend, day trip to France thru the tunnel, although delays – not too bad – then croissants, visit to very small chocolate factory, crepes, beautiful french countryside and medieval towns on hill tops and always somehow find our way back to the sandy beach at Wissant where there always seems to be low […]

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