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Looking for red squirrels

Looking from Brownsea towards Sandbanks and Shell Bay -


Corfe Castle -

We visited Brownsea Island hopeful to see some red squirrels – we know they are there but like the Northern Lights – you have to be lucky to see them. A small one ran for cover to a tree trunk but somehow i missed it and feel sure as soon as we left they all absailed down the trees again.

Before driving home we took the chain ferry across the harbour to Shell Bay and Studland Nature Reserve and on to Corfe Castle and found one of many tea shops with a sunny courtyard to have a cream tea and feed the birds

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Some Landscapes by Plinius

The ‘Open Pit at Dannemora Mine‘  and ‘Some wine besides the white clouds‘ written by Plinius who explores Landscapes through Art, Painting, and Photography at ‘some Landscapes’

“Landscape can be a solace to the exile, but it can be hard to contemplate the beauty of lakes and mountains without thinking of home, or the bitter circumstances and long journey that have led from there”

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Pickled Eggs

We wondered today about lorry drivers who overtake each other on motorways and drive along side by side for a while. maybe they’re having a conversation. We make up storys…

Hello Fred
“Hello Ernie”
How’re you doing today
“Not too bad – How about you?”
Mustn’t grumble – What have you got on your sandwiches today?
“Pickled eggs – what about you”
Bacon today
“Well best be going – tunnel coming up, see you later”


two lorries -


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The last 17 mile stretch of the A272 driving west from Sussex into Hampshire – from the A3 around Petersfield to Winchester is a switchback road thru beautiful countryside that draws motorbikers like honey – even in a car as the road swings from left to right curves with the South Downs and sea in the distance on a sunny day there is something mesmerizing about this drive.

If you drive beyond Winchester you pass Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge – towards Wiltshire and Somerset, proper Thomas Hardy country. Can’t help imagining as we drive the lonliness of the end of Tess of D’Urbervilles life in these wide open rolling views.

But we only drove to Winchester before turning home, a college city with river running through and significant Cathedral and town hall – almost French and turned and found an 18th century country pub on the way home where Cromwell and King’s army marched by.

The views and fields in Hampshire seem bigger and more open but theres no place like home.



Lone tree. Rolling hills of Mid Devon by Simon Ward - 2015

by Simon Ward (2015)


This beautiful photo by Simon Ward captures rolling Downs in Devon
(fields in Devon like Sussex are smaller than Hampshire)

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After days of heavy rain, howling winds and grey skys – looked out last night and saw the dark sky was full of the brightest stars and felt its good to press stop – brush off the cobwebs on dreams and other parts of my life, run around, throw leaves in the air, smell the wind and hope for snow and think about what happens next. Perhaps its a reaction to more of our personal data piled up in some archive somewhere. We’ll be back.

Until then, wishing you happy times..