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Eurovision – First Semi Final .. Portugal, Latvia, Moldovia, Belgium and many more




Thought Portugal was very sweet – singing in the center of the crowd. Love the Saxophone playing of Moldovia – not sure about the lyrics
Latvia didnt go through – only 10 of 18 in each semifinal go through plus the big 5.

The staging of all of them was amazing.

One more Semi Final this week and Final on Saturday
Please someone give Great Britain  – ‘Douze Points’ on Saturday

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Nature versus Nurture

We are part of an Open House during Brighton Festival. This house has a town garden and refreshments and at the very very bottom of the garden .. are some of our plants, mainly Herbs – organically grown.  In the kitchen, our favorite place, are some of our woolly animals we have made togethor with jewellery made by Izzy from recycled materials. we hope she brings her Crocodile necklace next weekend. Five artists/makers (thats me) are exhibiting in this house.

Brighton is full of Open Houses, many part of a trail – open every weekend during May. The weather in Brighton is little cloudy at the moment.

Small Woolly Animal -

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Avoir du pain sur la planche

Althou we are across the water, am happy Mr Macron is France’s new President and hope he will get good guidance and support to run his beautiful country. Vive la France!

A little worried about new speeding fines for British drivers in France – no more speeding to catch the ferry. Clueless  what the speed limit is but (promise) will check this out before next journey

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Yorkshire Wolds Way

The Yorkshire Wolds Trail passes through chalk landscapes with dry valleys and stunning wildlife alongside market towns and ancient villages.

May 13th – BBC One at 19.30 pm – walking the Yorkshire Wolds Way. 

Information on walking the Yorkshire Wolds Trail

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for no particular reason

maybe. wondered about the origin of expression – ‘left hanging out to dry’ or  “blowing in the wind”. Unanswered questions, emails – drives me crazy

Or maybe its worse – today is a local election when many people make promises they will never keep

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Snow Owl

Woollen Snow Owl -


Detail - Wing


Feel little scared attempting to create a bird in wool.. but love the mysterious Snow Owl and the lands it comes from

The eyes are yellow and it has an enigmatic nose

It has a perch – a weaving reel from mills in the north of england and will add a silver handmade logo from Tibet