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today we vote

So much propaganda over the last few weeks has landed thru our letter box, mostly from the Torys – and such a difficult time. Our vote needs to be tactical

The perfect Party this time doesnt exist (in own opinion) and like an elephant wont forget that my choices to live where i want and my connection to Europe – may have been restricted. This has so many consequences including losing our diversity.

Also as a family – personally effected by the lack of funding spent on Mental Health Services which still believe is at the bottom of many problems we are seeing here and around the World.

The NHS and all Emergancy Services are struggling – but all services despite this, do an incredible job – think this is down to the people themselves who choose to do this kind of work. We are very thankful for the care and respect my father received the last few weeks of his life in hospital

Do we often see these people being acknowledged in the Queens New Years Honours List? Hope so this time.

Perhaps the best we can hope for – this time – is a Coalition between Labour, Liberal, SNP and Green Party.

Am sorry to say this – but perhaps the Party in power at the moment might benefit from a Sabbatical to reflect and reevaluate the needs of – all – the Country they are paid to represent and the World we live in today.

It must be a very difficult, thankless job and wonder if Leaders from all religious Partys should be a little bit more involved in some of the decisions made in Parliament. Is this possible – maybe a Senate? that is apolitical but whose voice is heard.


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