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Selsey Lifeboat Station – you can smell the sea

Selsey Beach -


Very soon this view will be forever gone. No Gantry and no Lifeboat Station out to sea. The final launch was a few days ago and the Lifeboat rests on the beach until it too is replaced by a more modern one in July. Rumours that the Lifeboat Station out to sea will be taken away by tug to some new owner, seems are just rumours – no glorious Valhalla for this piece of history. In May or early June – it will be demolished and the view of the sea will be uninterrupted. My dads’ uncle one of the many who voluntered on the Selsey lifeboat was also a fireman and i have also been out on the boat when it launched – scariest moment when the boat hits the sea.

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World moving on

Sage -

Just busy outside because the skys are blue, transplanting small plants and taking cuttings and making small dogs for an event involved in later on. Made a small Staffy carrying a stick, a Schnauzer and an Arctic Fox – howling.

Constant tapping on a window where a long tailed tit going crazy looking at himself in a window and thinking its his rival. Wondered if there was some bigger significance.  My mum found unexpectedly a small silver cross in an airing cupboard and this gave her some comfort as well as being outside just pulling weeds. Heard that the asparagus crop are early this year. Selsey on a peninsular south of Chichester is a good place to buy them – fresh caught fish too sold from near the beach.



Nymans, Magnolias and A Bench - maria joy


Spring -


Cherry Blossom - maria joy

Nymans - Messel family home - maria joy

Nymans Gardens – very beautiful in late March with spring blossom

This National Trust Garden can get very busy when it looks its most beautiful, about now. Visit early – there is only a small car park. It does have wheelchairs to borrow and rugs and paths are reasonably good. Look out for the potting shed and later in the year – the Hankerchief tree. There is also a woodland walk – outside the main garden.

Beautiful for Camellias, Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Roses, Monkey tree, Fritillarys, spring flowers, topiary and views from the High Weald

Anne Messel  was a fashion designer – designed a pair of benches (their backs carved with ‘A’ for Anne and ‘M’ for Michael) when she married Michael Count of Rosse and arrived at Birr Castle in Ireland. These benches face opposite each other at Birr Castle and Nymans have a copy of the ‘A’ bench made in wood by a carpenter in this garden and told renovated about ten years ago as falling to pieces.

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BBC2 IPlayer – Wild Ireland: the Edge of the World

“the greatest places you happen upon – just by chance”

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What happened yesterday in London was a terrible thing and the police and emergency services have done and are doing an incredible job to care for and protect innocent victims caught up in yesterdays events. cant imagine what the surviving people and family and friends of all of them are feeling today but in my small opinion althou being vigilant, we must encourage and look for peaceful ways to bring about change