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Special day to love your animals

St Francis of Assis - Demi

St Francis born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone is the patron saint of animals and nature
October 4th commemorates the life of St Francis

Elizabeth Whiter is an animal healer receiving referrals from Vets and NHS Doctors – healing through relaxation,
releasing stress and encouraging good nutrition

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Mythical Moose

Moose - hand made from Shetland wool - M.Joy

Handmade from Shetland wool –

Like the northern lights, it is something always wanted to see in the wild and have seen crossing the road in Lappland and also a few in a sanctuary being fed bananas, something they like.

Also seen Moose in an Alpine Zoo above Innsbruck, that reached by cable car.

When Moose run, been told they look like they are gliding but the ones we saw appeared and disappeared into the bushes so fast, just got impression of something a little haunted appearing out of the mist, because it was early morning, with very long legs.

This Moose has been felted over a wire frame using Shetland wool and has a Tibetan silver ‘hand made’ logo. Each Moose will be made for the Order, so everyone will have its own funny style.

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Selling thru Ebays Global Shipping Center

Our woolly animals or angels can now be sent abroad thru eBays Global Shipping Center.

These are some we have on a 3 day auction

We can make to order from photographs. Still learning, everyone different
Maybe for Christmas, the angels would look good on the Christmas tree or in a window

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Fluffy Tista Pomma

Grew up on a small holding – we had sheep, calves, lambs, pigs, geese, lots of chickens, dogs, cats and Curly our pet cow… also at different times – rabbits, tortoises, guinea pigs, terrapins, gerbils and my sister had a pet rooster Pifke that really hated wellington boots.

Our lovely ‘Fluffy’ cat we lost two days ago was named after ‘Fluffy’ the dog – who was a Sealyham terrier, a sausage dog with white curls and a big black nose. He could be very naughty but never killed anything. His pedigree name was Fluffy Tista Pomma – he had a little certificate with his family tree.

He was a bit more like a dog version of Charlie Chaplin as he would stroll off to a nearby lake and people having picnics would feed him or he would jump in people’s cars if they opened the door – but because of his dog tag or maybe something he did, they always brought him home and my mum and dad would give them a reward.

I have an old photograph of him with a table cloth around his head sitting on a chair while my father cut his hair and me with pigtails.

Found this quite long and long ago video about Sealyhams on you tube – probably someone who loves them very much.

Ours was a carthorse Sealyham.