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Photos from journey to Holland


Little worried about this but its for mum and dad who came along to Holland ..  and as requested, photos with music. Long story, but sure they know

The farm where we all stayed had a breakfast room with a picture window along one wall that looked onto the cow parlour. In the photos are many of chickens, polders and swans. Some of the best things passed by as we were driving. Most lovely the canals in the polders surrounded by wild flowers with sheep and swans in the evening light.

Our route took us through the tunnel, past Kinderdijk, Schonhoven, past Amsterdam and on the way back – Edam, Keukenhof, Gouda, Antwerpen, Gent, Brugge and back thru the tunnel to home.



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Keukenhof, Netherlands

Keukenhof -

this garden was very busy and everywhere you looked familys knee deep in tulips but lovely to see them and be there – the people, the light – lovely country

most proud, drove round Amsterdam at 11pm and finding right exit off the ring road – most scary, pile up on M25 on way over and driving past lorrys on E40 – most frustrating roadworks round Antwerpen and waiting at Eurotunnel on way back
because of electricity failure