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Looking for red squirrels

Looking from Brownsea towards Sandbanks and Shell Bay -


Corfe Castle -

We visited Brownsea Island hopeful to see some red squirrels – we know they are there but like the Northern Lights – you have to be lucky to see them. A small one ran for cover to a tree trunk but somehow i missed it and feel sure as soon as we left they all absailed down the trees again.

Before driving home we took the chain ferry across the harbour to Shell Bay and Studland Nature Reserve and on to Corfe Castle and found one of many tea shops with a sunny courtyard to have a cream tea and feed the birds

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red squirrels

Bob Bustail - a.j.macgregor

another old story book found in a potting shed..would be amazing to look out the window and see this in the garden

they seem to be very intelligent, perhaps they would do a few things for rewards

Often when walking a squirrel follows jumping from tree to tree, like secret squirrel. mostly we watch them running across the telephone cable chattering or hanging upside down from a branch, like something from mission impossible to get a crumb from the bird table. but dont feed the birds too often because of sparrow hawks

the best place to see red squirrels in the south is to take a ferry over to Brownsea Island