Long sleep

One day you wake up and notice few cobwebs you havnt seen before or something happens and nothing seems the same and finally, you feel brave enough to make some changes. Appologies to anyone who has followed us for a little while about the changes you may see and we hope you travel along with […]

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The former chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis has called Britain’s efforts to leave the EU a “catastrophe” and called on “sensible MPs” to admit it .. more  

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Sounds interesting

Thought about the balance of my day, my week, my life even and read about Do Something Different Not saying planning to rent a camel with a small seat for Fluf and travel slow round the World – althou the idea has been (ma)lingering in the back of my mind. Just daydreaming.

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We all share this Planet

Extreem sadness for the pointless loss of young innocent life in Manchester – for the victims and their familys caught up in it. Also for the family of the perpertrator, hope there will be compassion otherwise how will things change. Dont all our religions teach us this. “Because we all share this planet Earth, we […]

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im not at all sure i can follow the advice below but sounds good in theory and will give it some thought “If theres a situation that you are stressed about a person you love and are concerned about.. in my own experience the best way to help others is – Do your own work […]

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