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Want a better body image – try Nature by Viren Swami

Cyclamens -



“These days, both scientists and policymakers agree about the importance of offering everyone access to green spaces, regardless of social background. That’s because easy access to nature encourages physical activity, which in turn has positive health effects”

“Accessible green space is also good for our psychological well-being. For example, large-scale surveys in the Netherlands and UK have shown that individuals living in urban areas with more green space have lower rates of mental health distress and are more satisfied with life than those living in areas with less green space.

Other studies show that exposure to natural environments reduces negative emotions—including anger, anxiety, and sadness. Even just viewing images of nature or looking at natural environments from a window can reduce stress, enhance recovery from illness, and improve mood”

Perhaps GPs, Psychiatrists and Young Offenders Institutes should prescribe Gardening and helping at the Allotments not Pills – less side effects (which require more Pills) and less cost to NHS

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