Lying on a couch with a bunch of needles in interesting places, terrified to move – felt like a needle felted animal. But it does seem to work depending on how good the person is. Understand its about helping the body to heal itself. I have only been for muscle, joint and tendon injurys but […]

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World moving on

Just busy outside because the skys are blue, transplanting small plants and taking cuttings and making small dogs for an event involved in later on. Made a small Staffy carrying a stick, a Schnauzer and an Arctic Fox – howling. Constant tapping on a window where a long tailed tit going crazy looking at himself […]

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In our village every two years we have a Summer fair with a Scarecrow Competition and this was one of the Scarecrows about the main character ‘Skellig’ in a children’s novel by David Almond. A story about a boy who had a baby sister with a heart problem and he learned from his mother that […]

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People Who Love to Write

Have seen different blogs talk about benefits of writing and on the Arts.mic website they talk about James W. Pennebaker who has been conducting research on writing for healing for years at the University of Texas at Austin. “When people are given the opportunity to write about emotional upheavals, they often experience improved health,” Pennebaker […]

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On transforming traumatic stress

Even on the periphery of someone else’s journey – you can get sucked in to traumatic stress, however much you try to keep calm. Someone sent me a link today to a book about recovering from traumatic stress. Time, talking, when you are ready and just being outside doing ordinary things seems to work for […]

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