“Myths, legends and stories are the signposts previous generations have left us so we don’t have to figure out our own personal journey in solitude (they have to be metaphorical, because their interpretation will be different for each individual life)” Fred Van Lente Perhaps if we are a little lost at the moment we have […]

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Have always wondered where my high cheekbones come from. Finally one small piece of information appeared gave me a solid explanation. My aunt, the oldest and who had emmigrated, had on a certificate her place of birth – different from what we had all thought. Also been trying to discover more about another relative whose […]

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Eden Project at Shoreham Cement Works?

Don’t know why but the Cement Works has been on my mind – distraction from other things suppose – wondered about balancing preserving modern history and Governments drive for turning every inch of space into housing, even greenfield land, so reallised there must be a reason a potentially dangerous building on brownfield land just sits […]

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