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Why mental health first aid should be taught in every school – to the pupils and the teachers

“Of £250m a year originally budgeted for ‘children and young people’s mental health’, there has been a £77m underspend this year. These figures highlight the gulf between what Conservative Ministers promise on mental health, and what they actually do” more  Neha Shah from the Independant

Would also like an ‘Open Dialogue‘ approach to be part of mainstream NHS and for Social Workers, Mental Health Care Nurses, GPs and Psychiatrists – to be trained in this approach – as a matter of urgency. It will save lives, improve quality of lives and save money.

Controversial – but not if you or someone you love could become effected – perhaps money to fund this could come from increasing the tax on Drug Companys producing anti-psychotic medication? especially those which produce significant side effects which effect someones physical health and tougher guidelines even penaltys for those dispensing them.

We downscaled the frequent use of antibotics once we reallized what could happen.

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William Wallace – little Scottish bird

William Wallace - Maria Joy

This is just about freedom to choose, although my son has a Scottish grandmother. It would make me very sad for England to loose Scotland from the union but think its like a little bird in a cage – you have to open the door and if its comes back then you know it is where it wanted to be but always knowing it was free.

Perhaps otherwise the little bird becomes a caged miserable hawk who would be happier soaring across the Glens

If they choose to leave us, hope they will do very well and we will be good neighbours

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