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nighttime garden

Another beautiful day, althou not a heat wave. we tried to add many scented flowers to our garden and at the end of a warm June day the scent is very lovely – honeysuckle, roses – almost over, different lavender, thyme and sweetpea – althou my favorite is the night scented stock.

Because it may rain tomorrow, even during the night – went out in the dusk to cut some lavender before the rain dampens the flowers and little scared hearing something run past me in the dark snorting. we have badgers, foxes and deers that sometimes run thru our garden – imagine this is what i heard.

inside our cat has made himself comfortable besides the lavender, he is a little calmer now and likes to find a favorite place and contemplate

today drove over the Downs to look at the oxbow river at Seaford and back past Litlington and Lulington, past the Long Man and the White Horse carved on the chalk and stopped a while in an apple orchard attached to the ruins of an old monastry looking onto the Long Man. it felt very peaceful

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Tiesto – Ten Seconds Before Sunrise

‘Unsent Letter’

It’s the middle of the night, well wee early hours – 4 or 5.
Beautiful late May, nearly dawn, birds waking up
Even the milkman hasn’t arrived.

This time of year sometimes think about then.

When you all were still there and I had left, i passed through Bath
in the early hours of the morning – early June, on a train.

It looked so magical and misty … then the train shuffled on to London.
I felt so sad.

I have found it impossible to go back there since.


Robert Felton – Misty Morning Sunrise