Different Days

“Some days you see the underbelly of life and others the beauty, today sadly is an underbelly day and just want to run away and hide until today is over” Look for positives but feel let down by organizations set up to support us. In many ways we are lucky but feel sure same feelings […]

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today we vote

So much propaganda over the last few weeks has landed thru our letter box, mostly from the Torys – and such a difficult time. Our vote needs to be tactical The perfect Party this time doesnt exist (in own opinion) and like an elephant wont forget that my choices to live where i want and […]

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If you want my vote

Before anyone else contacts us.. to encourage us to vote for them in the UK election next week…the solution is simple…if you want my vote then please put money and resources into improving mental health services in the community – have at least one full time CBT person in every team and replace people when […]

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