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today we vote

So much propaganda over the last few weeks has landed thru our letter box, mostly from the Torys – and such a difficult time. Our vote needs to be tactical

The perfect Party this time doesnt exist (in own opinion) and like an elephant wont forget that my choices to live where i want and my connection to Europe – may have been restricted. This has so many consequences including losing our diversity.

Also as a family – personally effected by the lack of funding spent on Mental Health Services which still believe is at the bottom of many problems we are seeing here and around the World.

The NHS and all Emergancy Services are struggling – but all services despite this, do an incredible job – think this is down to the people themselves who choose to do this kind of work. We are very thankful for the care and respect my father received the last few weeks of his life in hospital

Do we often see these people being acknowledged in the Queens New Years Honours List? Hope so this time.

Perhaps the best we can hope for – this time – is a Coalition between Labour, Liberal, SNP and Green Party.

Am sorry to say this – but perhaps the Party in power at the moment might benefit from a Sabbatical to reflect and reevaluate the needs of – all – the Country they are paid to represent and the World we live in today.

It must be a very difficult, thankless job and wonder if Leaders from all religious Partys should be a little bit more involved in some of the decisions made in Parliament. Is this possible – maybe a Senate? that is apolitical but whose voice is heard.


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Tory Party – please stop spamming our home with Election Mail

Tory Party HQ – in Lewes – please stop spamming us with Election mail.

Please use the money you are spending on marketing yourself instead on the NHS in particular on Mental Health Services. Your actions speak loud than Spam

Mental Health – What the Politicians say they will do and the reality on the ground

Would we have many of the problems we have in the World – if Mental Health was taken more seriously?

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Open Dialogue Approach to Mental Health Services

We appologise for including so much text – but we understand that sometimes people feel a little nervous to go to links – so have included most of what we hope is important below (from an article written in the Independent by Celia Dodd 6th December 2015)  more

“The Open Dialogue approach was first developed in Finland in the 1980s, which at the time had one of the worst incidences of schizophrenia in Europe. There are now well-established services in Berlin and New York, where state investment in four respite centres that practise Open Dialogue has been doubled to $100m (£66m). Services are also springing up in Italy, Poland and Scandinavia.

What’s most impressive about Open Dialogue is its success with even the most intractable mental illnesses, where current systems of care too often fail, or offer only short-term respite. Results over the past 30 years from Finland sound impressive: 74 per cent of patients experiencing psychosis are back at work within two years, compared with just 9 per cent in the UK. Crucially, relapse rates are far lower than here: after an average of two years’ treatment, most patients don’t need to come back – ever.

Here, a mental-health diagnosis can feel like a life sentence.

Open Dialogue’s key principles are: people are seen within 24 hours of becoming unwell; and all meetings with the psychiatric team are held at home, or wherever the patient finds most helpful. Significant others in the patient’s life – family members, or trained peer-support workers – are engaged in meetings from the word go. What service users appreciate most is that they always see the same people.

One family’s comments: “The number of times I went to meetings with my son to see a team of people we’d never seen before. How are you supposed to start talking to someone you don’t know? My son just felt that he wasn’t listened to.

What also sets Open Dialogue apart from standard treatment is that discussion about patients takes place in front of them, in what are called “reflections” between members of the team; this adds to their sense of control.

But whereas the mainstay of standard treatment is usually medication, the mainstay of Open Dialogue is talking. But there’s something else which encourages patients to open up: mindfulness. Every member of the team, from psychiatrists to support workers, practises it. Dr Razzaque explains: “This is not about teaching service users mindfulness. This is about clinicians practising mindfulness themselves. 

The writer of the above article describes this treatment as radical – we think it sounds like common sense – treating people at a vulnerable time in their lives – with respect.”

Open Dialogue is currently being piloted in four NHS trusts. It could revolutionise mental-health care in the UK.

Open Dialogue UK is a good starting point to find out whats happening here in the UK and which just recently (February 2nd 2016) had a Conference promoting openness and democracy in mental health services and also offering Foundation Training for NHS teams, peers and independent practitioners (deadline for applying – 26th April)

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If you want my vote

Before anyone else contacts us.. to encourage us to vote for them in the UK election next week…the solution is simple…if you want my vote then please put money and resources into improving mental health services in the community – have at least one full time CBT person in every team and replace people when they go on long term sick or maternity leave and – please keep your promise.

We have shopping list of more suggestions.

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“Mental Health Services in England are a Car Crash”

Under resourced, under funded, you could say…under valued.

You could also say, familys who are part of this picture, fall into the same category of being undervalued and forgotten.

One of those funny things in life.. until you are personally effected, you wouldnt reallise, how bad it can be. You probably wouldn’t even think about it. Wish i could say or do something useful to make a difference.  An example of holes in the services is when staff go on leave – for example maternity – they are not replaced. Until the person returns – a service for example, a Clinical Psycologist, will not be provided for up to a year or more. A very valuable resource also for the teams themselves, just disappears.

Often wonder if it is any better anywhere else or maybe this is how it is the World over? In some parts of the World of course understand it is probably worse but this should not be an excuse for the way we value people’s mental well being here in the UK. Have a feeling if we improve this – many other ‘problems’ will improve as well, that we sink money into.

Its also about people – not just services – friends, neighbours, extended family – making time for someone. We could all be there.

“Mental health services in England are “a car crash” and the health secretary is not taking the problems seriously, according to the outgoing president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Prof Sue Bailey told BBC News mental health services were “in crisis”.

She said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had a basic understanding of mental health, but had not made it a priority” …. more