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Three Snowy Christmas Cards

If you use – 99NELLIETHEELEPHANT in our small store on Etsy


you get 10% Discount on everything valid until 25th December

this little song has been rumbling round my head for a little while now..

Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said good bye to the circus
Off she went.. with a Trumpty Trump
Trump, trump, trump

…and never seen again.


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Poverty Alliance

Thank you for passing by – Poverty Alliance

It is very impressive to see how Cuba is reaching out – it doesnt have to be about money, althou this helps, more about helping pull someone up when they are down

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Vitamin D – Could it stop modern diseases?

“An award-winning writer and scientist believes a deficiency of Vitamin D in pregnant women is behind the increase in conditions such as MS, diabetes, schizophrenia and asthma”… more

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London Road Regeneration

The Open Market area in Brighton is part of London Road Regeneration…more and the original market was established by returning WW1 serviceman

The market is run as a social enterprise and the 12 studio workshops include ‘Open Arts’ that provides therapeutic support and social enterprise opportunities to people with Asperger’s, Autism and Learning Disabilities through Visual and Live Arts courses.

Part of the area regeneration includes 87 affordable housing units built on both sides of Francis Street, which borders the south side of the Open Market, and on Ditchling Road.

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Open Market – Like Tea?

Honey Beeswax  most Saturdays at the Open Market, near the Level in Brighton

Yesterday first time for us ( with a stall at the Open Market in Brighton and this new market is impressive with many permanent small businesses, open studios upstairs (there is a lift in the corner – looks a little like getting into a white tardis) and traders like us on the big floor space below

Takes a little bit of time to explore a new site – but impressed that the site is undercover and that there is a good blend of traditional stallholders and art, environment, community, food and new ventures. Yesterday the Brighton Mayor opened the site and a Chinese dragon and drummer wakened anyone who may have been snoozing with a paper at the many different food cafes. Traditional horse and dray who will be delivering food locally in Brighton from the ‘Foodshed’ probably reminded older residents of the history of the site. Felt a little like being in Brighton equivalent of East End. Lot of dogs walking their owners – because of the level nearby

Most impressive small stalls nearby – someone selling beautiful coloured waterproof outdoor cushions for gardens, yachts and boats – marina not too far away and Chi-Trading a new tea and coffee venture who will deliver personally your order locally in the Brighton area. Most impressive about this company was their attention to detail and the variety of blends of tea available.

Some of our things will also be available Monday to Friday – freshly cut Lavender (while in season), Lavender Fat Flower Fairy kits, Sussex Beeswax Candles and Wooden Plant Labels from the Natural Lifestyle Store with a smoothie bar, vegan food, natural clothing/accessories and information on building sustainable communities



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Summer Sale – 30% Discount for next two weeks

                                  Summer Sale at …. and still 10% of online price will be donated to
different Global Giving projects