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Snow Owl

Woollen Snow Owl -


Detail - Wing


Feel little scared attempting to create a bird in wool.. but love the mysterious Snow Owl and the lands it comes from

The eyes are yellow and it has an enigmatic nose

It has a perch – a weaving reel from mills in the north of england and will add a silver handmade logo from Tibet

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First attempt Siberian Husky Puppy

First attempt Husky Puppy -


this is first attempt and like the first pancake can see lots of things wrong with it (ears, tail, legs) – but uploaded for my mum to see 🙂

Most photos of these puppys uploaded face on, because eyes and markings around eyes are so incredible, not completly sure what the bodies look like, except stocky, cute, little out of proportion and wolf like face with dreaming eyes.

If anyone has own photos of husky puppys i could work from – side profile and face especially – would make them one half price, that would be ÂŁ7.50. Looking for an opportunity to photograph Husky puppys myself too, even nicer somewhere cold.

Hello mum!

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Bee Girl

Bee Girl


Bee Girl Sketch -


Link to handmade Bee Girl

Funny how things happen, this came about because someone asked me if would like to bring my things to a garden where they were having an open day to do with bees and a Chelsea Fringe event and when i tried to make a cuddly bee, it looked a little strange, so thought would try and make a bee girl or queen bee and then started thinking about ‘super heros’ and if anyone had ever created a super bee hero and what made a ‘hero’

Read somewhere that “a hero is just an ordinary person who faces up to a difficult situation’ and guess that can be anyone of us and tonight couldn’t sleep and began watching a film, called ‘Fort Bliss’ about hard decisions and fall out some people face.