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Tory Party – please stop spamming our home with Election Mail

Tory Party HQ – in Lewes – please stop spamming us with Election mail.

Please use the money you are spending on marketing yourself instead on the NHS in particular on Mental Health Services. Your actions speak loud than Spam

Mental Health – What the Politicians say they will do and the reality on the ground

Would we have many of the problems we have in the World – if Mental Health was taken more seriously?

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Why mental health first aid should be taught in every school – to the pupils and the teachers

“Of £250m a year originally budgeted for ‘children and young people’s mental health’, there has been a £77m underspend this year. These figures highlight the gulf between what Conservative Ministers promise on mental health, and what they actually do” more  Neha Shah from the Independant

Would also like an ‘Open Dialogue‘ approach to be part of mainstream NHS and for Social Workers, Mental Health Care Nurses, GPs and Psychiatrists – to be trained in this approach – as a matter of urgency. It will save lives, improve quality of lives and save money.

Controversial – but not if you or someone you love could become effected – perhaps money to fund this could come from increasing the tax on Drug Companys producing anti-psychotic medication? especially those which produce significant side effects which effect someones physical health and tougher guidelines even penaltys for those dispensing them.

We downscaled the frequent use of antibotics once we reallized what could happen.

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National Health Service, Obama Care – call it what you want

We have had an NHS system in the UK for quite a while. It isnt great – it is underresourced and underfundedbut it exists and for people with a low income or none – it means we can walk into A and E and get help and know we dont have the extra stress of worrying how we will pay for healthcare in a crisis. We all grumble about the service but i think we all appreciate it exists. Its a level playing field.

Private healthcare also exists for those who can afford it – another option. But the NHS is a Safety Net – for those who cant.

In Scandinavian countrys, their Social and Healthcare System – is like a Rolls Royce and sets the standard but obviously to achieve this in a country with a relatively low population  – they pay high taxes – but their standard of Social Services and Health Care – is something probably we would all like to have access to. Education to University level is also free there and both men and women get significant time off to share being with their new child – and this is true for each child that arrives. At the other end of people’s lives they are comfortable.

I am worried how Brexit will effect reciprocal health care in Europe – assuming Brexit goes ahead. I guess this could be a real problem when you travel abroad.

But im curious – why wouldnt a country like America also aspire to a social care system somewhere between the UK and Scandinavian countrys?

There are  so many reasons to do this – not everyone has or will always have a well paid job or any job and most people will encounter problems when they or someone in their family – loses their job and may encounter physical and mental health issues or has a baby or an accident. People get old, have less money and their health is not so good.

We all grumble about paying taxes but if handled well and transparently – the benefits must mean a happier, healthier country where people help each other.

Also curious what happens in China, Japan, South America and African countrys.

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Want a better body image – try Nature by Viren Swami

Cyclamens -



“These days, both scientists and policymakers agree about the importance of offering everyone access to green spaces, regardless of social background. That’s because easy access to nature encourages physical activity, which in turn has positive health effects”

“Accessible green space is also good for our psychological well-being. For example, large-scale surveys in the Netherlands and UK have shown that individuals living in urban areas with more green space have lower rates of mental health distress and are more satisfied with life than those living in areas with less green space.

Other studies show that exposure to natural environments reduces negative emotions—including anger, anxiety, and sadness. Even just viewing images of nature or looking at natural environments from a window can reduce stress, enhance recovery from illness, and improve mood”

Perhaps GPs, Psychiatrists and Young Offenders Institutes should prescribe Gardening and helping at the Allotments not Pills – less side effects (which require more Pills) and less cost to NHS

To read full article

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“Mental Health Services in England are a Car Crash”

Under resourced, under funded, you could say…under valued.

You could also say, familys who are part of this picture, fall into the same category of being undervalued and forgotten.

One of those funny things in life.. until you are personally effected, you wouldnt reallise, how bad it can be. You probably wouldn’t even think about it. Wish i could say or do something useful to make a difference.  An example of holes in the services is when staff go on leave – for example maternity – they are not replaced. Until the person returns – a service for example, a Clinical Psycologist, will not be provided for up to a year or more. A very valuable resource also for the teams themselves, just disappears.

Often wonder if it is any better anywhere else or maybe this is how it is the World over? In some parts of the World of course understand it is probably worse but this should not be an excuse for the way we value people’s mental well being here in the UK. Have a feeling if we improve this – many other ‘problems’ will improve as well, that we sink money into.

Its also about people – not just services – friends, neighbours, extended family – making time for someone. We could all be there.

“Mental health services in England are “a car crash” and the health secretary is not taking the problems seriously, according to the outgoing president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Prof Sue Bailey told BBC News mental health services were “in crisis”.

She said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had a basic understanding of mental health, but had not made it a priority” …. more

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Support to engage with the Wider World

Impossibly sad recent news, can only hope reforms will mean the World will become a safer place. In the meantime – procedures need to be in place and practised – as Japan does for earthquakes so people know what to do in an emergency

Feel access to good free health care for those on limited incomes might make a difference, perhaps worth paying slightly higher taxes for

 Over here in the UK, ive been told that the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and Mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board means that mental health care should receive equal priority with physical health, that the health gap between people with mental health problems and the rest of the population as a whole, should be closed and everyone who needs it should have timely access to best available treatment.

Im not sure what to make of what ive been told but believe its about getting support to people that need it – not when its too late.

Other new legislation – the NHS Outcomes Framework 2012/13 and the Mental Health Strategy, No Health without Mental Health: A Cross – Government Mental Health Policy for People of all Ages – im told sets out an ambitious vision for improving people’s mental health.

Work Choice launched in 2010 again im told provides tailored support to help disabled people find and stay in work and progress into unsupported employment. Access to Work is another scheme. From 3rd December the DWP will pilot access to work to disabled people undertaking business start up activity on the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme in the Meryside region which will roll out nationally in the New Year.