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Fluffy’s First Christmas (2013) – music by James Brown

Appologies for the quality, but i think my mum will like it.. !
(probably the opposite of a sign saw in a busker’s guitar case yesterday playing blues,
it said: “my mum thinks im working in a pharmacy”



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Please vote for the Pudder

Have entered a photo of our big puddy cat as a tribute to him and all the laughs, love and furry hugs he gave us when we needed them in the FAA Competition.

If he gets thru to juried round and picked he’ll be on national telly

Kenny who was our amazing Pudder – needs 250 votes

You may need to make a simple login to FAA first and can vote into June
Maybe someone you know might also like to vote

The link to Pudders and to see how hes doing. Please if you know anyone who loves cats, please ask them to vote for the Pudder