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Napoleon -

“Great people are meteors designed to burn so that the earth may be lighted” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Walking round Chiswick house garden, curious – discovered a small locked building, leaves piling up inside and plaster peeling away and looking thru the bars of the gate saw a bust of Napoleon with pidgeon feathers hanging from his crown of laurels

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Animal Sculpture – Rooster – Chinese New Year 2017

Animal Sculpture - Rooster - Chinese New Year 2017 -

Have been working on this for a few days and thought ric rac braid would help to make the plumage. Our rooster is small enough to hold in your hand but we have perched it on a small birch base, with metal slots for its feet.

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Water Vole – Riverbank – Wind in the Willows

Water Vole - Endangered Animal

Our Water Vole and nest are ready .. if you click on the photo above it will take you to our Etsy store – because it is wet and dark outside we have only taken indoor photographs

Our Vole with home made from raffia – 15 cms diameter and lined with dried autumn leaves and resting on a small pile of wooden logs and only offering shipping to UK as dont think it would travel well and will refund shipping if someone collects.

The Vole has own blackberry to snack on (fruit – not a mobile phone)

Little worried our Fluf might snack on it – anything that looks like a vole – is living on borrowed time

We have a healthy population of little Voles in our garden who are main interest for our cats, althou sadly for Fluf – he is an indoors cat (for now) and imagine the vole population must be doing better because these kamakazi little chaps come thru holes indoors… from time to time or perhaps Fluf has stashed them for a rainy day or slightly worrying, they live indoors too.

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Humphrey Woollen Whale on Ebay



Woollen Whale for Sale on Ebay – All money from the Sale of our ‘Humph’ will be donated to ‘World Cetacean Alliance’ (WCA) who would like to raise awareness of the impacts of Ghost Netting in the Seas. 

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Humphrey – Humpback/Baleen Whale

In the middle of making a small sculpture – 60cms high by 40cms long of a Whale made from Shetland and Finnish wool – greyish

Have read Humpbacks are the noisiest and most imaginative Whales  – creating long complex, eerie and beautiful songs.